The African Storyteller Podcast

The African Storyteller podcast series is another medium to inspire, educate and build an improved perception of television, content and platforms. The podcast tells the untold stories behind the content we love and showcases the storytellers behind Africa’s leading broadcast productions. From film and TV to sports and the arts, join us as we go behind the scenes to tell the stories of these content creators.


Conversations with Sound Artists: Season 3

In this series of six episodes, we focus on the long-time collaboration of some of the leading directors and their sound supervisors working today. These remarkable directors talk about the importance of sound to the films, and how they work with sound design and music. Conversations include Edgar Wright & Julian Slater; Darren Aronofsky & Craig Henighan; Matt Reeves with Michael Giacchino, Will Files, & Douglas Murray; Joe Wright & Craig Berkey; and others…


Conversations with Sound Artists: Season 2

Season 2 of our podcast collection focuses on storytelling with sound. We speak with leading artists who create sound design for Broadway shows, virtual reality, and installation art pieces.




Conversations with Sound Artists: Season 1

In each episode, the artist talks with the Dolby Institute's Glenn Kiser and SoundWorks Collection's Michael Coleman about the challenges and opportunities the artist faced while building the soundscapes you enjoy.