The Africa I see by Moses Akerele

MTF Africa Day 2020 banner

In commemoration of Africa Day, the MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF) commissioned MTF West Africa Alumni, Moses Akerele to write a poem for MTF’s Africa Month campaign under the DStv theme #TheAfricaWeSee.


The Africa I see by Moses Akerele


Africa is beautiful


Our Beauty radiates in the richness of our culture

In the beautiful ways we are decorated by nature.


The blend of our deserts,



Outstanding sceneries

And some of the most fascinating animals

sitting all over our continent is our Splendour;

The definition of glory.


One people, many tongues,

We define “Multilingual”


Our mother tongue is soothing

She wraps herself around our tongue,

Bursting in sweet songs.

When we speak,

We make melodies

With the rhythms in our accents and languages.


With our colourful thick skins

We stand out

Because colour is beautiful,

Because “Thick” is Strong.


Our Stories stem from our rich cultures,


Long Histories and Traditions

Cutting across nations.


We are a Library of Rare

But beautiful events and Literature,

We are Art.


We are Pacesetters, Originators

Many have started off by sampling things we began,

Things that are originally African.


We are who we are, authentic and unique.

It would be our own folly to deny our authenticity in a bid to be like another.


Others covet what we own.


Our journey is solely ours,

and should remain ours.


Slow and steady we will reach the promised paradise

That is a better future.


The Africa I see is Strong


Taps into all she has within to be greater


Knows how to grow relationships and make the best of it


This Africa is a Giant!


Stands tall above odds,

together in our diversity and beauty.


We are leaders.


The Africa I see

beautiful and colorful


A people unified by diversity.


We are a people who live not just by words,

but actions

Steadily practicing what we preach.


An Africa bound by love, peace and laughter

Rid of corruption

An epitome of economic growth and innovations


This Africa is beautiful

This Africa is regal

This Africa is possible

With you and Me


This is the Africa I see.


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