MTF student feature film nomination at the Audience Prize Choice Prize Awards

We are excited to announce that the MultiChoice Talent Factory student feature film Leaked by our graduated class of 2022 received an award at the Audience Choice Prize Competition in the Beeta Arts Festival which took place on the 2nd until the 4th of December 2022 in Abuja, Nigeria.

At the awards the audience was given an opportunity to watch the six movies in the six different categories and to select the movie that they considered to be the best in the different categories.

From the thirty people from the audience the nomination came from individuals that is the target for the film and it is a sign that the movie is doing what we had set out for it to do.

In the movie we made the decision to use young people that were not popular, but they were able to pull the story through is proof that the tedious process of selecting the cast members had paid off.

 “This award is a testament of the hard work, creativity and storytelling abilities of the class of 2022. We are proud of this award and what it stands for us as an academy. This is a validation of our work, and we will continue to tell the Africa stories the way only Africans can tell it. Kudos to the class of 2022 and everyone that worked on this project. This is only the beginning”. Quote by the MTF West Africa Direct, Atinuke Babatunde

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