About the Opportunity

Hi there, I am sell my 18 megapixel Canon 650D which includes:
- An additional 3 lenses (a fixed 50mm, 18-55mm and a 55-250mm tele photo lens),
- Water proof camera backpack by Lowepro
- Tripod
-8 GB SD card
- Software instructions manual disk -battery & charger
It is a great camera for beginners and hobby photographers as it is very easy to use but it's also perfect for professional photographers as well as short film makers. It can produce full HD movies at 1080p resolutions.
Autofocus can also be used while filming and it has a built in microphone which enables the recording of high quality stereo audio or alternatively you could plug in a camera mic into the mic port. (It's also the first Canon DSLR to have continuous autofocus in video mode and live view). Its 3 inch LCD touchscreen screen (the first DSLR from any manufacturer to be equipped with a touchscreen) can hinge away from the cameras body and rotate 270° enabling videos and still image shooting for alternative viewpoints. In addition, the touchscreen you can shoot & focus with a single tap as well as use pinch & swipe gestures as you would on your cell phone.
Has an ISO of 100-12800 which can be extended to 25600 allowing you to shoot in low light without using a flash. The 650D is also built with 2 modes designed for inexperienced photographers: the Handheld Night Scene mode and the HDR backlight mode. The Handheld Night Scene mode reduces the risk of blur while taking night-time shots without a tripod while the HDR backlight mode uses Canon's patented multishot system to combine three images into one, balancing both foreground and background exposure.
It’s definitely one of the best value for money cameras out there. Contact number: 0781391946
- To VIEW pictures and get in touch with the seller visit:https://www.gumtree.co.za/a-slr-cameras/sandton/canon-650d-plus-accessories-+-all-in-perfect-condition/1006919354310910279141309


Commencement date

Mar 03, 2020

Completion date

Dec 31, 2020

Type of opportunity