UN Pause Campaign

The UN in partnership with MTF is asking people to make the same judgement calls they’ve been applying to social distancing, to social media, and take extra care before sharing. Our Class of 2020 from Academies in Nairo, Lagos, Lusaka and Johannesburg were commissioned to create 60 seconds public service announcements (PSAs) that encourages viewers to Pause and take care before they share online or digital content. The simple act of pausing before you share can help break the chain of harmful misinformation, by disrupting the emotional response that fake news and misinformation is designed to exploit. When we pause, it gives us time to think and consider whether something is true before we share it. We want to empower everyone to help combat false information -- and COVID-19 -- by encouraging them to adopt this basic behaviour change.

  • Student Name: Julie Ako
    About: Meet 26-year-old Julie Ako who is a writer and creative director and MTF West Africa Academy student. Her PSA ‘The Stream’ is about a girl who innocently shares water from a stream of an unknown source, after discovering the consequences of her action, she must do better.

  • Student Name: Zeldah Naledi Bogatsu
    About: "One thing I want to live up to in my life, is my name Naledi (Star), to bring light in any situation I can, so when I’m gone people and look back and realize that there actually was light in me," says 23 year-old MTFza Academy student, Zeldah Naledi Bogatsu. Through her PSA ‘Memes’ Zeldah I wants to bring laughter to audiences whilst changing their lives so that they can see the danger of spreading fake news.

  • Student Name: Talemwa Pius
    About: When it comes to the elements that make a good film, according to 26-year-old Ugandan freelance filmmaker and photographer Talemwa Pius and MTF East Africa Academy student, it’s all about the relationship that a cast and crew have while on a film set. His PSA ‘Pains of Hunger’ is a hilarious take on waiting anxiously for free food to be delivered only to find that it was a prank, there’s no free food.

  • Student Name: Maira Armanda Isaías Tauacale
    About: Maira Armanda Isaías Tauacale is a 21-year-old creative born and raised in Maputo and MTF Southern Africa Academy student with a solid foundation in film and TV. Her PSA ‘The Truth You Spread Is The Truth You Get’ portrays the dilemma between mass communications, social media and telecommunications companies. We see how we get affected by the information spread by media platforms.

  • Student Name: Daisy Masembe
    About: If there’s anything that 25-year-old Ugandan graphic designer, video editor and MTF East Academy student, Daisy Masembe could add to Africa’s creative film and TV industry, it would be powerful and relatable stories. And her PSA ‘Super Hero’ does not disappoint. Every adult man was once a young boy that hung his towel around his neck and pretended to be Superman (Or any other superhero)! Point is, we all at some point in our lives wished we had superpowers to fight the evil of the world. Today, we can be supermen and women, with only our index finger. By Pausing before forwarding digital information.

  • Student Name: Kamva-Eliqaqambileyo Namba
    About: Kamva-Eliqaqambileyo Namba, an MTFza Academy student describes himself as a driven self-aware black man with a passion for storytelling in the form of motion picture. His PSA ‘Parallel’ follows two worlds that run simultaneously, where the character in world 1 shares misinformation and the character in world 2 PAUSES and deletes the fake news before impulsively sharing.

  • Student Name: Nkosilesisa Kwanele Ncube
    About: Nkosilesisa Kwanele Ncube is a creative writer from Bulawayo and an MTF Southern Africa Academy student. “I always say I want to be the African Shonda Rhimes. She calls herself a titan – I want to be a titan too!” Through her PSA ‘Pause’ Nkosilesisa takes us on a journey of a Zimbabwean little, we follow her as she goes to school. Along the way. She encounters some COVID violations which are ( directly or otherwise) the result of a little lie that she says her cousin started. . We see how indifferent people are to the danger of Covid19 because they have wrongly been told that COVID 19 is no longer a threat.