Koketso Amantha Rantobeng is a 25 year old young female born in Mamelodi Pretoria, in Gauteng Province. Completed matric in 2016 at Gatang Secondary School. She describes herself as a multi-talented young female as she was involved in many different activities while she was still in school and activities included performing (dramas), poetry, playing soccer and netball, was also part of an organization called "Generation Next" where they used to go to different schools motivating learners and volunteering at old age homes to help out and simply giving back to the community. She comes from a disadvantaged financially well background where she sometimes went to bed on an empty stomach, went to school without a proper uniform and shoes torn underneath, barely walking on feet. Koketso Rantobeng is a strong and well Driven female who is focused with a sense of self identity and knows what she wants. She has found herself in the most darkest days and nights where she felt like giving up but in turn her misfortunes brought her to light. She has both vision and mission of what she wants to accomplish in life. She has found purpose, courage and strength in herself. She is very determined, enthusiastic and focused especially in her field of entertainment industry. After completing her matric she found herself in the streets of Pretoria looking for colleges where she can persuade her dreams which also meant helping other people. She wanted to study Nursing. As she thought everything was going accordingly and she was finally going to study nursing, things took a drastic U-turn and did not work out. Be it financial strains, her parents could not afford to pay for her tuition fees. She had to forget or put her nursing dreams on hold. But her passion for studying further never faded away instead she had to look for another school, at least one which would be affordable and that time she had no idea how she was going to pay for the fees. Her love for arts got her enrolling at Edbook Media House in South African State Theatre (Pretoria) where she did acting, TV and radio presenting. To pay for her tuition fees, she had to work as a promoter, a part-time as a sushi chef, selling Ice and clothes in the street just to cover the fees. She started going to Auditions in 2018 which landed her opportunities in shooting drama, Series, Episodes and being given leading roles and being featured. Her persistence attitude landed her a role in a drama series called Seriously Single on Netflix, Love by Design on and as an extra cast in a popular South African Sopie called "Generations The Legacy". During her practical training In 2019 at Edbook Media House, she presented at one of the South African's Biggest Music Talent shows known as IDOLS and TheVoicesa where she was interviewing Contestants And Singers. As mentioned that she is a multi-talented young female and through the experience she accumulated, Koketso Amantha Rantobeng, she is now an Actress, TV and Radio presenter, make-up artist, photo/videographer, MC, model, Theatre Practitioner, Motivational speaker, the founder of a company called ChynahEmpire which she registered in 2020 and the founder of a Netball Club in her community. In 2021, her vision of studying never faded away, she was then interested in Theatre Performance. She enroll in an institution called YIT (Youth In Trust) were she got an opportunity to learn more about both field (Behind the scenes & Being on stage). She was also introduced into Dance, Poem, Directing, Facilitation, Choreographic Studies. This were the best moments of her life. Her love for Theatre got her performing a Musical drama called Hasa, Drama (1+1) and a Dance called Ebuhlanti. In 2022 she performed yet again Musical drama, drama production and dance. She is always been inspired by individuals and productions like Connie Ferguson, Tyler Perry and Viola Davis, just to name a few. These are the people and production that she would love to work with one day. She believes that hard work, persistence, enthusiasm and always remaining focused, can get you far and what you want in life. •To browse her impressive work link the links: •Instagram: •Company Instagram: •Netball Instagram •Youtube: Koketso Chynah_gal Matlala •Twitter: Koketso Chynah_gal Matlala


Set Artist
Art Director
Film Student
Location Scout
Production Coordinator


Gatang Secondary School – 2016 NQF FETC Level 4 – Performing Arts - 2021 NQF Level 5 – Film and Television - 2022


Love by desire - Supporting actor - Beyond the eyes network. Ikasi lam - Main character - Nqganda film Ukholo - Main character - Nqganda film Nnake - Main character - cathris kenartiko Production Gangster chick - Main character Love conquers all - Producer/Main character - ChynahEmpire Imfihlo the secret - Main Actor Mcing - Host - Downtown (Pretoria), Club Illusion (Sunnyside), Cubana Menlyn (Pretoria Menlyn), Rider Inn (Tembisa) Makeup artist - music video - Bad Girls by Kayboo - Vezubuhle Production and New Couple By sleeze featuring Mosiholiq The Search (web series) – Makeup Artist – NOV 2016 – DEC 2016 Victim (feature film) – Makeup Artist – SEP 2019 Affected (feature film) – Line Producer – FEB 2023 – MAR 2023 2021 Theatre Musical drama - Hasa main character - Youth in Trust - 2021 Drama - 1+1 Mental slavery main character- Youth in Trust - 2021 Dance - Ebuhlanti - Youth in Trust - 2021 2022 Theatre Musical drama - Hasa (Assistant Director) - Youth in Trust - 2022 Drama - 1+1 Mental slavery main character- Youth in Trust - 2022 Dance - Maono - Youth in Trust - 2022