Sangwa Deus Dedit is a gifted Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Editor, Director, and Producer and Found of Rwanda based Production company "Greenland Pictures" he has carved a distinct path marked by creativity and authenticity. He is the founder of Greenland Pictures; a film production company and school situated in Kigali, Rwanda.Rwanda. In 2019, Sangwa took on the roles of director, cinematographer and producer for the short film 'She Wasn't Me'. This endeavour not only showcased his multifaceted talents, but also secured him the honour of Best Cinematography at Mashariki African Film Festival. Building on this success, his involvement in the 2020 short film "She Can" as director, cinematographer and producer earned him recognition with an official selection at the Luxor African Film Festival, as well as screenings at the Kalasha Film & TV Festival and the Durban International Film Festival. In 2021, Sangwa expanded his creative horizons by shooting and editing the documentary "Forgiven Not Forgotten". This remarkable project earned its place at the Africa in Motion Film Festival, further cementing Sangwa's reputation as a compelling storyteller. Sangwa's creative competency extends beyond his filmography. He has lent his artistic vision to numerous commercial ventures, collaborating with notable brands such as Nespresso, Hollanda Fair Foods, Bboxx Africa Management, Zipline and Access Bank. This seamless transition between artistic storytelling and commercial messaging underscores his versatility as a filmmaker. Sangwa's commitment to the craft also extends to educating future generations of filmmakers. From 2017 to 2020, he served as an instructor at the Kigali Film and Television School, where he not only managed key projects but also taught advanced filmmaking techniques. Currently, He is a Cinematography Instructor at Media Education Babelsberg gGmbH since 2021and Greenland Film and Tv School to cultivate the creative minds of tomorrow by sharing his expertise and passion for the art of filmmaking.






Sangwa Deus Dedit, Rwandan based filmmaker. mostly recommended as Director, Screenwriter, Producer, Cinematographer and editor. Filmmaking trainer at Greenland Film & Tv School and RMP by Media Education Babelsberg gGmbH and Also Creative Director at Greenland Pictures studios. Filmography: Bullet king (2014). The unknown helper (2015). Ibiyobyabwenge "Drugs" (2015). Money and power (2016). Ace of hearts (2016). From hatred to reconciliation l Al Jazeera World (2017). Al-Maktum (2017). She wasn't me (2018). R.C.F.F five years journey (2018). She can (2019). The Intrusion (2020). Ndategereje Series (2021). Forgiven not Forgotten (2022). Itara "The Lamp" (2022)