Describing himself as “one of those guys who’ve broken most of life’s rules,” Moses’ creative flair and competitive nature backed by sheer determination, have catapulted him to the top of the media industry. 
“Writing is my passion and the idea that I have a duty to shed some light is more than enough motivation,” he says.
He credits his success to being able to get into bed each night knowing he’s done all he could to the best of his abilities.
While the rest of the world sees with their eyes, Moses sees with his imagination. As a visual storyteller he absorbs concepts and inspiration, and then translates them into beautifully designed brand tales. He might be a man of few words, but with talents like his, who needs them? For Moses, there is no better thing than a good story. Whether found in a book, movie, game or a crowd, he is always looking for the next great tale. An obsessive reader and enthusiastic advocate for all things geek, he is rarely without a book or a good story to tell.
For Moses discovering that idea, sentence or just finding the right words for the right moment, to leave the greatest impact in an audience, is the most satisfying feeling in the world.


Art Director
Drone Operator


Moses is a dedicated and passionate person – telling your brand story in a fresh, relevant voice – to provoke change in behaviours. A Public Relations and Journalism graduate of Boston Media House (Rivonia, Johannesburg), Moses is a seasoned print and broadcast journalist with a track record spanning well over 15 years. Insightful Strategic Managing Director whose track record in journalism and corporate brand management is anchored by his in-depth meticulous quality of strategy planning and development. His analytic background lends him a client-centric focus, coupled with interpersonal skills that have enabled him to interact with multinationals from a varied clientele.


Visual Story Teller, Gifted Copywriter, Print and Broadcast Journalist, Blogger, Digital Media Marketer/Strategic Planning. His media versatility has seen him perform some of the following key roles: Holding various positions at Botswana’s most selling and popular newspaper, The Voice such as Business Editor, Entertainment Editor, News Editor and Acting Editor, News Producer and Anchor at Botswana’s commercial youth radio station, Yarona FM and also another commercial radio station, Duma FM where he was both News Editor and Breakfast show host, Consulting Editor at both Global Post and Echo newspaper, where his responsibilities included business development, heading the editorial departments and rebranding, Editorial and Marketing Consultant at Red Pepper PRC where his responsibilities involved among others; writing press releases, news articles, advertorials, building and maintaining relationships with media practitioners and stakeholders, Was key to the successful hosting of Botswana Electronic Music Festival (BEMF) engaged by MADE Agency from Cape Town where he was responsible for media management and Public Relations. Moses has extensive contacts in government, media and the private sector and has the unique advantage of being able to align public relations with business expectations. Moses currently and manages WindRush Communications - a Digital Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising Agency as well as publish and edits Botswana Unplugged - a popular lifestyle blog.